Oty light

via Spangaro 8/a

30030 Peseggia di Scorzè

Venezia - ITALIA -

Phone: +39 041 583 0499

Fax: +39 041 583 0520


Oty is two brothers’ university dream, originated one winters night between a  mathematics book and a civil code.

On the walls, sketches of shapes, ideas which needed to be realized,  of light which modified the substance in volumes; they welcomed their university friends “Strange brothers, they are not normal…” most people thought. But at the end of that experience the light “virus” infected these heroic survivors, now qualified from university: “thank you to the Pamio brothers , we are keen on the light world now”.

Andrea and Simone , two brothers, a symbiosis. Some times words can be an obstacle, when a glance is all that is needed. This is one of those rare relationships in which thoughts travel through the air so that the two brothers often arrive in the office  wearing the same Lacoste T-shirt, also of the same colour. An inexplicable feeling for those who do not know the two brothers, their life and travels.

In good and evil, everything in Oty begins from this mutual understanding: “light is not an industry, with a lot of directors with no responsibility. Light is rather a sartorial work, of strong personalities, who sew values, concepts, experiences, around ideas which are closely connected. The future is always the result of these ideas, realized in the most appropriate way”.

But Oty is not only a light and design experience to be shared, a journey through architecture and sustainable technology.  It is also the result of a father’s love for his own sons, Eugenio’s love which has turned into an entrepreneurial heritage.

 A father, an example to follow. Two sons, an education, a consistency.