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Design: Harbour design 2017

Pop P50 Pinocchio Task Lamp provides function in a beautifully minimal form. At the end of the arm diameter 0,8cm there is the optics inside a cylinder diameter 3,0cm. The light source is tiltable to 50 degrees and the arm is rotatable to 359 degrees allowing for effortless direction of light. Pop P50 Pinocchio has a dimmer switch on the cord as well as a Night Light function. When the Night Light function is selected, Pop P50 will provide a low-level light to provide a welcoming glow in the darkness. Provides ample task and reading illumination. Pop P50 is offered in 7 colors specially developed by Oty light to meet the needs of interior designers. The sophisticated mood of this original object interacts perfectly with trends in furnishing private environments, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels.


64,5cm - ø 3,0cm


cylinder diameter 3,0cm at the end of the arm is rotatable to 359 degrees and tiltable to 50 degrees

Light source

item available with integrated LED of latest generation (6W CRI> 85), in color temperature 2700K (824lm), 3000K (861lm), 4000K (888lm).

Light distribution

35-degree beam LED



Light control


Structure available in the following colors:

Code 02: black | Code 06: white | Code B: blue | Code C: copper painted | Code G: green | Code P: rose | Code R: red


Colors and finishes available

code 02:

code 06:

code B:

code C:

code G:

code P:

code R:

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